At District HomeReal Estate we treat our clients in a personalized way, offering services with the best conditions to help them with everything related to real estate.



Forget about receiving calls, emails and synchronizing your agenda to show your property. we take care of everything you need to rent your apartment at no cost

  • Property valuation
  • Photo gallery
  • Announcement spread
  • Management of visits according to your needs
  • Tenant selection and contract signing
  • Digital inventory management and signing
  • Non-payment insurance management
  • Delivery of keys
District Home Relocation and Travel Madrid


We offer personalized services for owners who want to rent their property without worrying about its management.

  • Rent collection
  • Insurance control
  • Official deposit at IVIMA
  • Change of ownership and domiciliation of supplies
  • Contract control and renewals
  • Rent update
  • Authorized payments (maintenance, repairs, etc)
  • Monthly reports
  • Incident attention

home sales

We take care of the sale of your property, so you do not have to worry about anything:

  • Advisory
  • Property valuation
  • Photo gallery
  • Announcement spread
  • Formalization of the sale in notary
  • Change of ownership and domiciliation of supplies

we accompany you in every step of this process.

How does it work?
Chat with us

2.- Tell us about your needs and what you are looking for

3.- We will send you a proposal and an action plan

4.- We will sign a consent agreement

On our hands

5.- Forget about everything and let us take care of everything


6.- Enjoy your new experience!

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