Reasons to live in Madrid

Madrid will make you feel like time doesn´t go by. When people fet to know it, only a few of them leave it, because Madrid never forgets to highlight all those things that make it unique.

We know that starting a life in a new city is never easy, but if you are thinking of moving to Madrid or are just about to do it, we want to give you our reasons to believe that Madrid is one of the best cities to live in.


Madrid´s weather is dry and you can enjoy blue skies almost everyday. Many researchs have said that Madrid has almost 3,000 hours of sun in a year and it is considered the european capital with most sunny hours. 

Madrid has a weather that, despite the high temperatures during summer, invites you every day to sit in a terrace and enjoy the lifestyle of Madrid.

Can you ask for anything else?


Madrid is a city that never stops, between theaters, movies, gastronomy, art, music, fashion and tourism, you will always find a new activity to do or a place to discover. Madrid is diversity and tradition, a city that hosts and offers a place for everyone. 

Quality of life 

For the locals, social life is always more important than anything else, because at any time you get to see people walking on the streets, drinking a beer with friends, enjoying a sunset in a terrace or eating in an old bar. 

Improvising a plan in Madrid is alost an impossible task, but you will always find that unexpected place that surprises you. About its nightlife, there is no much to say, you will know when you find the bars always full. 

If you are sure you want to live in Madrid, you can tell us what you need and we will help you with all the process.

Enjoy Madrid!

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