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Madrid has one of the best Metro networks in the world. It has thirteen lines plus three additional Tram lines. Travel with the Metro is very simple, you have to buy one of the following Metro cards:

Special prices from sep. 1st to dec. 31st 2022

From September 1, users with a transport pass in Madrid could benefit from a 50% discount on transport fares. These rates will be valid until December 31, 2022.

You can check the new rates here and you can also download them at this link:

Multi Card

The card can be purchased at the automatic machines in the Metro Station and in the network of authorized “Estancos” (tabak shops). The price of the card is €2.50 and it does not include ant trips, although you can buy the card with the trips or titles you want.

This card can be charged with the following titles:

   1) Singles (1 trip): For zone A, they are valid on both, Metro and line 1 of the tram (ML 1). The price varies depending on the number of stations.

  • Up to 5 stations €1.50
  • 6 stations €1.60
  • 7 stations €1.70
  • 8 stations €1.80
  • 9 stations €1.90
  • 10 stations or more €2.00

   2) 10 METROBÚS trips: For zone A of Metro, tram (ML1) and EMT buses, costs €12.20

  3) Airport supplement: To enter or leave the metro stations at the Airport, an extra supplement is needed that costs €3.00 and must be charged regardless of the ticket obtained (single trip or 10 trips). This supplement must be used the same day it was purchased.

To check the rates in zones other than zone A, you can access this link or  download the zone map:

  4) Tourist title

Zone A: It is used for all transport in zone A and can be purchased from 1 to 7 days, the price varies depending on the number of days:

  • 1 day €8.40
  • 2 days €14.20
  • 3 days €18.40
  • 4 days €22.60
  • 5 days €26.80
  • 7 days €35.40

Zone T: It is used for all transport in the Community of Madrid, including zones E1 and E2 and can also be purchased from 1 to 7 days. Not valid on the airport express bus line.

  • 1 day €17.00
  • 2 days €28.40
  • 3 days €35.40
  • 4 days €43.00
  • 5 days €50.80
  • 7 days €70.80
Personal Card

The TTP personal is a card that is for personal use and is non-transferable, as it is determined by the owner’s age and photograph.

On this card, in addition to the Single titles and 10 Trips, the following titles can be loaded:

Subscription 30 days: The user has 10 days to start using it from the time the load was made. Tickets can be loaded at Metro machines, at the network of authorized “Estancos” Tabak shops and at Renfe Cercanías stations. There are different types of 30-day passes

  1) 30-day Youth Season Ticket: This ticket is valid for people between 7 and 25 years old, it is valid for all areas and has a price of €20.

  2) Normal 30-day zonal subscription: Ticket for people between 26 and 64 years old, the price varies depending on the area charged and is valid for the area indicated on the ticket and all the interior areas. Eg the title B2 is valid in zone A, B1 and B2.

  • Zone A: €54.60
  • Zone B1: €63.70
  • Zone B2: €72.00
  • Zone B3: €82.00
  • Zone C1: €82.00
  • Zone C2: €82.00
  • Zone E1: €110.60
  • Zone E2: €131.80

  3) 30-day interzonal season ticket: This ticket is valid for people between 26 and 64 years old and is used for areas between those indicated on the ticket. The price depends on the number of zones that were loaded in the title.

  • 2 zones (B1-B2, B2-B3, B2-C1, B2-C2, B3-C1, B3-C2, C1-C2, C2-E1): €47.90
  • 3 zones (B1-B3, B1-C1, B1-C2, B2-C1, C1-E1, C2-E2): €54.60
  • 4 zones (B3-E1, C1-E2): €63.70
  • 5 zones (B2-E1, B3-E2): €72.00
  • 6 zones (B1-E1, B2-E2): €82.00
  • 7 zones (B1-E2): €89.50

  4) Senior Pass (Over 65): The ticket costs €3.30, valid for zones A – C2. They will also be able to charge the 30-day E1, 20-day E2 or 30-day Interzonal pass that contains the E1 and/or E2 zones, applying the same rates as a normal 30-day Pass.

There are special prices for groups, large families and people with disabilities. Check all the information in the following links:

Discounted Travel

Large Family

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